kissing couple on the promenade in Menaggio

Couple Photo Session in Menaggio

This couple photo session in Menaggio has been amazing! Let’s see how we tailored a classy and refined shooting on a special couple.

The planning and the inspirations

Caroline and Larkin are big cinema fans and they were dreaming a couple shooting with vintage vibes and a cinematic atmosphere.

They were inspired by the romantic comedy “Roman Holiday”, with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

“Roman Holiday” is a classic “tourist film”, a great example of how to make a city context and a lifestyle the “top of mind”.

So we were looking for a place on Lake Como that can make the old atmosphere of this part of Italy recognisable.

After a few mails we decided that Menaggio was the perfect location on Lake Como for this kind of vibes. The cobblestone streets and the town centre are the ideal scenario for this kind of lifestyle.

They were also looking for black and white and grain so we decided to work with the analog film.

The day of the photo shooting

Caroline decided to wear a dress with floral flowing fabric, a romantic and fresh post-war inspired look. Larkin wears an informal Jacket, classy and refined but comfortable.

We walked on the hilly old streets, surrounded by old shops, in the inner and hidden part of Menaggio.

And we take a walk on the promenade along the lake front, before a rainstorm, so the sky was really epic when we reached the little harbour.

How to plan a couple photo shooting in Menaggio

We can help you planning your photo session in Menaggio, sharing with you the best places and the most panoramic view point.

Get in contact with us and we’ll customize your couple photo session in Menaggio.

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