wedding proposal at villa del balbianello

Engagement at Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello is one of the most iconic Villa on Lake Como.

Cardinale Durini, a famous mecenate and art lover, during ‘700 bought Villa Balbiano, a so called “delizia”, a residence for the relax and cultural studies.

Durini has also builded Villa del Balbianello ( alias “little Balbiano”), with the famous Loggia, a bibliothèque and a room for the music.

Villa del Balbianello, situated on a promontory, has an amazing panoramic view on the lake.

Organizing a surprise marriage proposal there is one of the most amazing choice you can make.

A refined and classy marriage proposal in Jacquemus

In a continuum with the spirit of the “delizia” we planned an engagement photo shooting relaxed and elegant, with a romantic couple.

The vibes of this photo shooting are refined and classy with a touch of coziness. It was spring and the colors of the garden was brilliant, the flowers were in bloom.

The style of the bride to be is amazing and minimal, completed by two must have accessories: the Jacquemus “Le Bambino” white bag and the Oran by Hermès. It’s a modern look, elegant and comfortable, in a perfect dialogue with the location.

3 ideas: how to plan the perfect proposal at Villa del Balbianello

Would you plan your engagement at Villa del Balbianello? Let’s plan with us, we’ll make this magic happen!

We can plan three different scenarios:

1- The Villa in all its beauty, just like in this photo shooting. You’ll be surrounded by the gardens and the nature, you’ll admire the background from the loggia and you’ll walk among the garden, looking at the big baobab.

2- The villa + a boat tour, you’ll have a panoramic view of the Villa from the boat, drinking some wine onboard. You’ll chill culled by the lake, admiring the architecture and the promontory.

3- A private area for the proposal ( for example the so called “love corner”) + a boat tour, for an intimate and tailor made choice.

Let’s tell us your ideas and we’ll help you to find the better choice, according to the season and the logistic.

What if it rains?!

Weather on Lake Como can be unpredictable. But it’s not a problem if it rains, we can have lot of fun with a different mood. Take a look at this wedding proposal at Villa del Balbianello on a rainy day, it has been epic!

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