Wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda

Today we want to share with you an an intimate wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda, with a Baha’i ceremony and an outdoor dinner.

Sam and Leonie are two amazing guys that decided to organize their wedding at the enchanting Villa Regina Teodolinda, in Laglio, on Lake Como.

Laglio is famous for George Clooney’s house and for the panoramic view that you have at “Da Luciano”, one of the best place for a spritz here on Lake Como. So it’s a symbol of the Dolce Vita lifestyle.

Villa Regina Teodolinda is a charming location, with an elegant country yard perfect for the Italian dinners under the trees.

Sam and Leonie planned an intimate wedding in this Villa, it was a deliberate choice, allowing them to focus on what truly mattered: the love they share with their family and friends.

They got ready together in the historical rooms of the Villa. Leonie was wearing a Lanvin dress, with bow shoes from ? and Dior earrings. Sam was wearing an unconventional wedding dress.

Baha’i Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place in the garden, with the lake view, surrounded by the white chairs and a live band.

It was a baha’i ceremony, with many speeches full of happiness and wishes, surrounded by closest family and friends. The air was full of joy, a truly emotional celebration of love and unity.

Aperitivo Time

As the sun began to set, casting a warm, golden glow over the lake, we moved to the terrace for an Aperitivo. We took some photos at the docking, with the breeze.

Outdoor Dinner and Sober Party

The tables were decorated with centerpieces full of yellow bright lemons and traditional sweets, a perfect mix of Italian dolce vita and Persian culture.

The elegant and classy facade of Villa Regina Teodolinda evoked a sense of timeless romance, its charme captivated everybody’s eyes.

They dine in the court yard and the air was filled by joyous laughter and the clinking of glasses.

After the dinner the night continued with music and dancing, with a super cool sober party.

Planning a Wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda

Are you dreaming to say yes on Lake Como? A wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda will allow you to create an intimate and classy atmosphere and our photos will make your day unforgettable. This location is perfect for elegant and timeless photos, with an editorial style and a cohesive storytelling.

So, if you’re planning an elopement or a wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda don’t hesitate to contact us , we would love to take care of your memories.

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