Wedding Proposal at Villa Monastero

This wedding proposal on the balcony of Villa Monastero in Varenna is the essence of romance.

Roland contacted us for a personalized project, we planned together a proposal on the iconic balcony and an engagement shooting in the gardens of the Villa.

Now imagine transforming the balcony of Villa Monastero into a scene out of a fairytale, for an unforgettable engagement.

Our partner in crime, the flower designer, created a scenic entrance full of red roses petals and a dialogue between the english roses and the background. Can you imagine a more perfect setting to pop the question?

When Roland and Maryam entered in the gardens she didn’t know what it was going to happen in a few moments. They entered on the balcony and as they stand in front of the lake Roland took a deep breath and pour out his heart. The words flow effortlessly, expressing his love and hopes for the future. And he presented the ring. Tears of joy glisten in Maryam’s eyes.

Roland give her a bouquet with red silk ribbon of Lake Como. The bright red of the flowers paired perfectly with her white dress.

Then we went in the gardens for some photos at the Temple and in some panoramic spots.

Boat tour at the sunset

After the proposal and the engagement shooting in the gardens of the Villa Monastero we make a boat tour in the middle lake at sunset, a lovely idea for a different prospective on the architecture.

Photo Gallery

Wedding Proposal Video

We realized a cinematic video of this wedding proposal at Villa Monastero. We captured all the emotions of this lovely afternoon, to make this joy sharable with family and friends.

How to plan your romantic wedding proposal at Villa Monastero

Are you dreaming something like this? Just get in contact with us and we’ll help you to make your dream come true. A wedding proposal at Villa Monastero can be a memorie in an idyllic setting that you and your fiancé will cherish for a lifetime.

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  1. Hello.
    I hope you are well. I wanted to propose to my girlfriend at villa monastero. I know we will be at the villa from 2:30-4:30 pm or do you have different suggestions? Also What are the prices to get roses everywhere?

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