bride and groom embraced outside the moorish temple at Villa Melzi

Elopement at Villa Melzi

It was intimate and tender. In a sunny day, in the middle of the autumn, Joel and Genevieve decided to become husband and wife in one of the most romantic garden on Lake Como.

When you come to Villa Melzi you get relaxed, surrounded by the lake and the nature. The colors are neutral and soft, in particular during this season, and the atmosphere is really chilling.

So it was the perfect location for a special couple like this, deeply in love with essential design and pastel nuances, addicted to a minimal elegance.

They made a fist look on the stairs, and Joel was really touched by this moment and by the refined elegance of his bride to be.

The Moorish temple was the right place to exchange vows, with an amazing mountains view.

This Elopement at Villa Melzi was absolutely stunning, we enjoyed our time together really much.

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