elopement in bellagio

Modern Elopement in Bellagio

Today we want to share with you the enchanting tale of an unconventional elopement that took place in the picturesque town of Bellagio, surrounded by the serene waters of Lake Como. Brace yourself for a story that defies tradition and embraces the beauty of joyous spontaneity!

Let us take you on a journey to this dreamy town, where love, champagne, and cobblestone streets intertwined to create a truly magical experience.

A Dreamy Escape to Lake Como

Gabi and Paul decided to Elope in Bellagio, in the middle of Lake Como, drinking champagne, toasting to their love and the freedom to celebrate it on their own terms.

We wandered through the narrow alleyways, discovering hidden alleys and secret spots that seemed to be made just for amazing photos, and the sound of laughter echoing through the narrow streets.

Gabi opted for a short white dress adorned with a playful bow. It was a reflection of her strong personality, with a touch of sweetness.

One of the most cool aspect of eloping is that you can choose an unconventional look, so it allow you to feel comfortable and authentic on yourspecial day. The key is to choose an outfit that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, regardless of societal expectations.

So, to all the modern brides-to-be, embrace your individuality, celebrate your style, and create an elopement look that is a true reflection of who you are!

We bought a bottle of wine in one of our favorite winery, Il Cavaturacciolo, and we started our afternoon.

The mood of this couple was fun and moody, the photographic style is modern with an editorial touch.


How to plan your elopement in Bellagio

If you’re planning to elope in Bellagio walking trough the cobblestone street of the town, get in contact with us, we would love to take care of your memories. The break away from traditional bride conventions is a powerful movement that allows brides to embrace their individuality and personal style.  We always encourage you to defy conventions, follow your hearts, and create your own love story. 

And we’ll share with you our best advices to make your elopement in Bellagio unforgettable!

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