kissing couple during an elopement at villa cipressi

Elopement at Villa Cipressi

This elopement at Villa Cipressi has been incredible!

The garden of Villa Cipressi, in Varenna, is romantic and full of photographic spots.

One of the most famous is the gate at the end of the street, with the lilac wisteria.

It’s also full of terraces with lots of cactus and the lake view is stunning everywhere.

H and S decided to elope on Lake Como and to create a personal and intimate wedding photo shooting.

The style of this couple is modern and unconventional.

The bride dress was a manifesto of the “anti bride” philosophy, with draping and laces. The groom had an informal style.

So we decided to take some photos that can reflect their personality and we made a refined work with a modern touch. We also experimented with the out of focus.

We met in the early morning, when the sun was rising, and the lake was covered by the fog. Then the rays of light arrived and we took a walk in the garden.

They were happy and passionate, an amazing couple!

How to plan an elopement at Villa Cipressi

Are you planning to elope in Lake Como? Are you in love with this elopement at Villa Cipressi?

Let’s get in contact and plan something beautiful together! We would love to share all our the knowledge of the area and to help you with your planning. We can tailor your elopement on you.

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