elopement in Varenna

Barefoot Elopement in Varenna

Austin and Ashley decided to elope in Varenna, one of the most romantic town in the middle of Lake Como.

We planned an elopement at sunrise on the beach, a scene of pure romance and freedom.

The magic of a sunrise elopement lies in the symbolism of new beginnings and the promise of a lifetime as shared sunrises.The first ray of the day mirrors the start of a new journey as a married couple.

The bride and groom were barefoot, enhancing a tangible connection to the earth and adding a touch of authenticity to the ceremony.

They kissed on the rocks, cradled by the gentle waves of the lake.

A walk in the town centre

Then we reached the town centre, with the colorful houses and the little harbor. Austin and Ashley were full of joy, walking on the “passeggiata degli innamorati”, the main street of Varenna.

The elopement in Varenna with Austin and Ashley has been amazing, candid and totally natural.

The best advices to plan your elopement in Varenna

By choosing to elope you create an intimate and personal experience. Austin and Ashley decided to embrace the beauty of nature and the symbolism of new beginnings. And you? How do you dream your elopement?

Lake Como can be very crowded in the high season so we’ll help you to choose the better timeline and location for your intimate ceremony and photo shooting. We’ll suggest you the best lighting conditions and we’ll plan all the logistic aspects to be in time.

Get in contact with us to plan your elopement surrounded by the nature of Lake Como.

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