Wedding Proposal at Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello is one of the favorite location on Lake Como for the wedding proposals.

When Garrett contacted us to plan his proposal in late autumn we were not able to predict how the weather would be. So we were prepared to every situation.

The day of the proposal was rainy but we spent wonderful hours together and we enjoyed the dramatic atmosphere of the sky and the lake.

The Video

The video of Garrett and Kelly is simply amazing, with a cinematic feeling and the vibrant colors of the autumn season.

Let’s take a look to this romantic love story:

An high school lovers story

Garrett and Kelly started dating at school, so they grow up experiencing the life side by side, creating unforgettable memories. They’ve experienced lot of travels, late night conversations, they shared laughter and tears. They’ve learned a lot about communication and understanding, they started a work together and they’re ready for a new chapter of their lives.

On a proposal day the excitement and the butterflies in the stomach are pretty much the same of the firs date, a rollercoaster of emotions. But Garrett did a great job and the proposal was stunning.

Garrett choose the Loggia, a classic spot for a wedding proposal at Villa del Balbianello. From the Loggia, behind the three arches, you have a charming landscape of Lake Como.

Autumn proposals on Lake Como: the best advices

During autumn the weather on Lake Como is mild and comfortable.

The foliage here is spectacular. The leaves change their hues, creating as amazing tapestry of yellows, reds and oranges. The colors on the hillsides and the shimmering of the lake are perfect for breathtaking photos.

Autumn on Lake Como is also the perfect time for a boat tour. You can see the vibrant colors of the foliage reflected in the water as you navigate the lake.

So if you’re planning a wedding proposal on Lake Como during autumn don’t hesitate and contact us! We’ll share with you the best gardens and spots and we’ll take care of your memories.

If you want to propose in a sunny day what it will look like?

Take a look at this vibrant and colorful engagement at Villa del Balbianello to imagine the mood of Lake Como in the spring time, with the blooming gardens and the sun. There are really different atmospheres in these two proposal shooting but they’re both full of love and joy.

Now you have a clear idea about the colors of Lake Como during the different seasons and you can choose which is the perfect solution for starting to plan your wedding proposal at Villa del Balbianello.

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