Surprise Proposal at Villa Melzi

Nico contacted us months ago to plan a surprise proposal at the enchanting Villa Melzi, a beautiful Villa nestled on the shores of Lake Como, surrounded by romantic and peaceful gardens and breathtaking views.

Join us as we drive into the details of this magical moment.

On the big day Nico told to Elizabeth that he wanted to reach Bellagio for a romantic dinner and she wasn’t suspecting anything.

When they arrived at Villa Melzi we were waiting for them, ready to capture the proposal. Everything has been meticulously planned for the Nico’s grand gesture.

Nico and Elisabeth start a leisurely walk, surrounded by the beautiful nature. Elisabeth didn’t know that this would soon become an unforgettable lifetime day of her life.

They entered in the Moorish Temple, an idyllic setting for such a magic moment, and Nico dropped on the knee to ask her to merry him.

Elizabeth’s eyes was filled with tears of joy and a “yes” escaped her lips.

Engagement Photo Shoot

After hugs, laughter and congratulations we explore the gardens of the Villa for an amazing engagement photoshoot at the sunset.

Surrounded by the statues and the picturesque lakefront they were happy and relaxed, in one the the most beautiful day of their life together.

This moment will forever be etched in their heart and our photos will be a lifetime memory for Nico and Elisabeth.

We wish them love, joy and countless more magic moments together!

How to plan the perfect Surprise Proposal at Villa Melzi

If you’re dreaming a surprise proposal at Villa Melzi get in contact with us and we’ll share our knowledge about this area to help you to make the perfect plan.

You can also take a look at this wedding proposal in the Gardens of Villa Melzi for an inspiration.

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