wedding proposal at Villa Melzi

Wedding Proposal at Villa Melzi

This wedding proposal at Villa Melzi has been organized with the help of the sister of the bride to be.

Everything was perfectly planned, we chatted for weeks about this moment.

When Kennedy arrived from Milano he was really excited for his marriage proposal. He reached the Moorish temple and goes on the knee and asks Ifunaya ” would you marry me?”. She was truly surpreised and she started to cry.

We spent few hours together in the Gardens of Villa Melzi, collecting memories of this special day of their life.

A stylish couple

They’re a super cool and stylish couple and the Gucci bag of Ifunaya has been one of the subject of the shooting.

One prominent characteristic of our photographic style is the interpretation of your personality with a minimalist elegance.

And every details speaks of you and your style, we love to involve them in our photos.

If you want see a totally different mood in Villa Melzi we suggest you to take a look at the Surprise Proposal of Nico and Elizabeth, a candid and joyful engagement at the sunset.

How to plan an engagement in Villa Melzi

The Gardens of Villa Melzi are located in Bellagio, the so called “pearl” of Lake Como.

So don’t hesitate to write us some drops and tell us more about your dreams and plans, sharing with us your fabulous details. Tell us more about your style, send pics of your outfits and we’ll reach you out with our best advices aligned to the mood for your engagement shooting.

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