engagement at Villa Cipressi in Varenna

Lake Como Proposal: the ultimate guide


The best period for planning a Proposal on Lake Como are spring (from april to june) and autumn (september and october).

Usually, from novembre to march, is low season and lots of hotels, shops and restaurant are closed.

But the winter on Lake Como can be really charming, specially on Christmas time. And a boat tour, maybe with the blankets and a bottle of wine, can be romantic and unforgettable.



A Villa is a classic choice, a mix of architectonic elegance and relaxing gardens.

Every Villa is pretty different, so you have to find the perfect one, that suits your style and your relationship.

Villa del Balbianello

Situated oh the top of the promontory just outside the old centre of Lenno, Villa del Balbianello is one of the most iconic place on Lake Como. It has been the set of the wedding in “Star Wars: Episode II”.

The most beautiful point for a marriage proposal are the arches of the Loggia Durini and the private space called “Love corner”.

Villa Monastero

Originally it was a convent, as suggested by the name itself. Today it’s a Villa with an amazing botanical garden.

The best places for a proposal are the Loggia and between the columns.

After she says yes you can go at the little temple and take a walk in the garden.

Villa Melzi

Situated in Bellagio, it’s a neoclassical building, built in 1808. The gardens of the Villa are simply amazing, a really peaceful place with an amazing view.

At the entrance you can see a Japanese garden, with a romantic bridge.

Then you reach the Moorish Temple, one of the most famous point for surprise proposal.

And after the proposal you can see the amazing fountain in front of the Villa and the rest of the english garden.

Boat tour proposal

Boat tour are always a great idea for a surprise proposal, maybe with a bottle of champagne to party.

You can choose to have in the background a Villa or a naturalistic view ( like Orrido di Nesso with the amazing waterfall on the background).

The classic Lake Como wooden boats are a romantic and classy choice.

Town Centre


Surely the most beautiful town on Lake Como, Bellagio is charming with its cobblestone streets and the colored houses.

Is is called “the pearl” of the Lake and is situates in the middle of the two branches of Lake Como. The lake has the form of an inverted “y”.


Old colorful houses, ice cream shops and cafè on the alleyway in front of the old fisherman harbour.

Varenna is one of the most charming town in the middle lake, with its relaxed atmosphere.


Old cobblestone streets descend from the ruins of the old castle to the city centre.

The promenade is full of greenery and flowers, expecyally during the springtime when is full of colored wisteria.


Orrido di Nesso

You can admire the Orrido from the old bridge of Nesso. It’s amazing in every season, surrounded by deep green during the spring and by orange nuances during the autumn.

You can reach the bridge by foot or by boat.

Hidden Gems

Are you dreaming a Lake Como proposal? Let’s plan something never seen before! Let’s create something totally new and unconventional with us, we can suggest some hidden gems.

Thing to do ahead

Hire a Photographer

First of all book your photographer to be sure to capture your memories. Consider the style and vision of your photographer, it has to match with your couple and make you feel comfortable.

Make the perfect plan for your proposal, arranging the logistic and the perfect location and time.

Match the dress

Choose your style: casual, informal or formal, it’s up you you! You have to feel yourself. But try to match your dresses and to avoid dark colors.

Flowers and wine

Consider some details to make your proposal unforgettable, like a flower bouquet, a bottle of wine or, why not, a slice of pizza.

You can arrange everything before your great day and avoid the stress, just choose the meaningful style for your relationship and the shooting style.

Book a Dinner

Plan ahead a romantic dinner for the post engagement, this is the moment to relax and have fun with good food and a glass of wine.

Now you’re ready to plan your proposal on Lake Como. Don’t hesitate to contact us of you need more infos!

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