Engagement at Villa D’Este

Today we post a romantic engagement at Villa D’Este, in Cernobbio.

Katrina and James are an amazing couple that wanted to celebrate their engagement with a boat tour.

We started the day in the Gardens of Villa D’Este, one of the historical hotel on Lake Como. This was a 16th-century Villa for the summer vacations of the cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, but it’s a world-renowned luxury hotel from 1873.

One of the most charming part of the garden is the “Nympheum”, decorated with mosaics in baroque style.

We made some pictures, enhancing the beautiful architectonical prospective on the background. The atmosphere is romantic here, with fountains, statues and flowers.

We took a boat tour and we had lot of fun, drinking wines and cheers.

The boat was a venetian limousine from Como Classic Boats. This boat is called “Riva acquarama” and it’s made in mahogany, a symbol of Italian style.

And the surroundings was amazing, with the Alps in the distance

How is an engagement at Villa D’Este

We would describe an engagement at Villa D’Este as timeless, a mix of romance and elegance.

So if you’re dreaming an engagement in an exclusive location and you want to cherish your memories forever, let’s get in contact and we would love to take care of your memories.

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